Her whole life, Willow was told that she would be the queen of her country, Havraina. But when she discovers that she shares a mysterious connection to a dying tree, everything changes. Willow is suddenly thrust into the world of the elves, who believe that her bond with the tree will help save their race. With the help of a quirky witch and an aspiring soldier, she travels to a hidden orchard to find a new tree. However, Willow is not the only one looking for the orchard. Can she save the elves before it's too late?

She's not the Princess. Willow's not her name. And she's not human.

She's the Girl of the Tree.

About The Author:
Rebecca Thompson has wanted to publish a book her whole life. And during the corona virus quarantine, she decided it was finally time to write a fantasy novel. Rebecca loves reading, writing, and cats (especially cats). She lives in South Carolina with her Mom, Dad, and brother Adam and hopes to one day be a successful author and join the military.

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